Achroous at Cat Clay
Cat Clay
1115 E Main St, Ste 242
Jun 1, 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

New work by Jenna Consiglio “Achroous” (sound it out, ah-crow-us) means colorless. Black can be linked with death, mourning, evil magic, and darkness; but it can also symbolize elegance, wealth, restraint, and power. Black is also the focus of Jenna Consiglio’s first solo exhibition. Jenna will be displaying her latest achromatic-inspired works as well as some classic oldies. Plus, we’ll be collecting donations for Planned Parenthood, and entertaining our visitors with a quiz  about the darkest color. This one-night event is presented by Pop Up Roc. Opening and closing party from 5 – 9pm. Additional parking at Credit Union & Greenovation. Please don’t park in front of Happy Feet – you car will disappear in the blackness of night.