Ambrotypes and Tintypes at Genesee Libby Photography Studio
1115 East Main St.
Apr 1, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Using the wet-plate collodion process and large format cameras, artist Jenn Libby creates unique photographs on glass and metal. Libby uses this archaic process to imbue the present with a 19th century aesthetic. Visit the studio to see her portraits, landscapes, still-lifes and photograms. Original tintypes and ambrotypes are on display, in addition to digital prints. Genesee Libby Studio offers portrait and boudoir sessions using the wet-plate process.

Suite 225 in the Hungerford Building.

Overflow parking at credit union & Greenovation.

Please don’t park in front of Happy Feet – it’s a “go & tow” zone.