Anna Overmoyer’s Spirit Fairies
Sylvan Starlight Creations
50 State St., Bldg C
Oct 4, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Please join us for October’s open house with Anna Overmoyer while we celebrate the season and our first anniversary. Anna’s work is whimsical and magical; there is no better season to celebrate the work of this fantastic artist! Anna is a traditional and dimensional illustrator from Rochester. She grew up on 100 acres of woods and fields where there was little to do but draw and imagine. She studied illustration, and interned during the summers at LAIKA Entertainment, working in the model shop for a stop motion feature. After graduation, Anna took a gap year to vagabond her way through Ireland, drawing portraits, listening to songs and stories, and soaking in the magic of the Irish countryside. Since then, Anna has been freelancing and showing at festivals and galleries around NY. Anna’s current personal work centers around spirits, folklore, and storytelling, often encouraging the audience to participate in the narrative. Her sculptural pieces are unified by a distinct, eerie style.