Best Foot Forward/Current Seen
RIT City Art Space
280 E Main St., 1st Floor
Nov 1, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Best Foot Forward explores the intimate connection between walking, thinking and making. This exhibition brings together artwork that is the outcome of walking; of being a pedestrian in a specific place and time as a way of knowing and connecting with one’s city.
These works: relaying the happenstance, the wonderfully mundane and even the otherworldly, have been brought together to urge the consideration of walkability as we look to and plan for, the future of Rochester. [photo by Adam Krawesky]

Including artworks by:
Adam Krawesky
Neil Goldberg
Oyster City Project (Meredith Drum and Rachel Stevens)
Kyle Butler
Nick Marshall
Mikey Estes
Angela Ellsworth/ Museum of Walking
Estrella Esquilín