Black & White Impact
Sylvan Starlight Creations
50 State St., Bldg C
Jun 7, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Please allow us to introduce Jodie Marie Ann Richardson Traugott or JM-Art. For this feature at Sylvan Starlight Creations, Jodie has chosen to focus on values and the emotional impact inherent in the use of just black and white paint. As usual, her muse – her granddaughter – is a focus, both in brush and knife work. But she’s included a couple of old photos rendered only with a knife, which represent the Romanovs, the Czarina and her daughters. Jodie’s great grandmother emigrated here from Russia and her name was Anastasia, as was one of the Romanov daughter’s names. For that simple reason, Jodie has always had a fascination with the tragic Royal Family’s story. But the amazing composition of the image with the umbrella is what really intrigued her. That was the initial motivation for this small exhibit.