Ecobooks and Visions of Passion
Visual Studies Workshop Gallery
31 Prince St.
Jun 2, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Join us for a First Friday circus of 16mm Films and Artists’ Books: Visions of Passion: 16mm and Handmade Film VSW Auditorium – 7pm & 9pm New 16mm and handmade films by VSW MFA students Meghan Ameden, Nilson Carroll, and Mary Lewandowski. Three short films with live sound will be projected in 16mm along with handmade film loops at 7pm and again at 9pm in the VSW auditorium. Ecobooks: Environmental Consciousness in VSW’s Rare and Artists’ Book Collections Main Floor & Gallery 6pm – 9pm. An exhibition and reading room of books with environmental content or that experiment with ideas of environmental form.