Embedded by Cathryn Smith
Visual Studies Workshop Gallery
31 Prince St.
Nov 3, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Cathryn Smith’s work is an exploration of the landscape of sleep. Having spent a life dealing with chronic insomnia and finding no medical solutions, she turned to artistic expression as a way to move from the role of prisoner to that of observer and participant. By juxtaposing a perceived state of sleeplessness against the desired night of a restful repose, what emerged are suggestions of terrains both terrifying and beautiful, seeming to hold answers and a path to follow embedded somewhere between the two worlds. Join us at 7pm for Cathryn Smith reading from her insomnia memoir Bed. Embedded is part of a larger project, Points of Departure: Meditations on Mapping, on display throughout the fall of 2017 at several Rochester, NY locations including the Mercer Gallery, Monroe Community College, the University of Rochester, and Rochester Contemporary Art Center.