Feathers, Faces and Foliage
First Unitarian Church
220 South Winton Rd.
Feb 3, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Featured works are created by Dick Roberts and his daughter, Allison Roberts. Previously the art director for the Democrat & Chronicle, Richard Roberts is a professional painter and illustrator who has lived a life of art since the 1960’s. Dick worked commercially for clients such as Kodak, Wards Natural Science, WXXI, and Owen Publishing Company. His daughter, Allison Roberts, grew up immersed in the world of artists, watching both her parents create art in many forms and inspiring her to become an actor, artist and writer in her own right. She is the founder of the popular comedy troupe EstroFest and works locally as a freelance illustrator, muralist, public artist, painter and jewelry maker. She is also co-founder of Impact Interactive, LLC, a theatre-based training company, who use interactive drama based techniques and performance educators, to create a safe format for discussing sensitive issues.
In “Feathers, Faces and Foliage,” Richard and Allison reflect a rich combination of works featuring birds, figures, portraits and nature. As a part of this exhibit, and due to the political climate, Allison Roberts has painted numerous portraits of intriguing women in Rochester and is dedicating an entire wall to honor the rich diversity in our city.