February Explosion and Artists de la Fleur
Rochester Art Club
1115 East Main St., Studio #437-439
Feb 3, 12:00 am

February Explosion” featuring Ron Haas’ Perspections, Color Pencil on Paper. A Perspection merges Perception and Perspective to form a paradoxical way of looking at the world around and within us. A Perspection is an image that leads to a contradiction or situation that seems to defy logic or intuition. Although these creations cannot actually be built in three dimensions, Perspections blur the boundaries between Mathematics, Psychology, Spirituality and Art.”Artists de la Fleur” – Break away from the winter blues with the floral and nature inspired paintings of the Rochester Art Club members:  Priya Banerjee, Linda Cala, Dianne Hickerson, Peggy Martinez, Rebecca Maynard, Nancy Murty, Helen Presberg, Lesley Shakespeare-Brogan, Richard Thomas, Pat Tribastone, and Christy Vitale. The Rochester Art Club Studio #437 is on the Hungerford’s 4th floor, left off elevator. The elevator is manned for your convenience. Free parking is also available across the street at the credit union.