First Friday at Spiral River with Dena Adler, Lisa Maynard and Luna Pink
Spiral River
20 Goodman St. N
Mar 3, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Spiral River is a center providing experiences and practices to inspire awareness and to renew the spark in our soul; to live in harmony to our full potential – internally, in our relationships, and in the world. At Spiral River, we invite you to be on an evolving path to wholeness and fulfillment; we weave elements of Yoga and Movement, Expressive Creative Arts, and Nature and Wilderness ventures in heart-opening ways for our souls, minds and bodies to intertwine. The experiences are sensory and uplifting. There is time for deep inner work, time to be creative, time for opportunities to reflect, and time to connect with others. The source of Spiral River flows from the life stories within us and the power to draw on those stories for transformation, healing, healthy change and compassion.
The Spiral is a moving map of our life journey; each passage of time and transition enhances the other increasing our awareness and understanding. The River is a metaphor for life itself. It reflects our story within and invites us to keep moving; to explore and to navigate with courage, balance and awe.