Imaging Power and Flux
Gallery Q
100 College Ave. #100
Dec 7, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

In Imaging Power and Flux, Morris uses mapping software to gather data on the images and information we are bombarded with in our daily lives. The maps play a prevalent role in his art as he is particularly concerned with issues of land and border disputes, which are constantly in flux. He also observes the violence often associated with the abstract idea of land boundaries. He appropriates imagery and text from both print and internet media and recombines them in multiple layers, commenting on systems and structures of power. Morris distills the data down into works layered with obscured meaning in order to illustrate the distinctions, or lack thereof, between truth, fact and memory. The resulting abstract works display intangible concepts that have very real impacts on people’s lives. Each work is created through an intense multimedia process that begins with an image appropriated from the mass media that Morris translates into a drawing. He then scans the drawing, sometimes laser cutting or printing it onto clear plastic. Each image is layered with other drawings as well as appropriated images and texts to create his complex and unique artworks.