In the Forest: New Paintings by artist Kurt Moyer
AXOM Gallery Exhibition Space
176 Anderson Ave., Suite #303
Feb 3, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

AXOM Gallery is pleased to announce our new exhibition, In the Forest: New Paintings by artist Kurt Moyer. Moyer is an artist who continues to explore his personal vision in the genres of landscape and figurative painting, while embracing the inspiration he gets form the works of past masters such as Cezanne and Corot.  We are delighted to present his second solo show at Axom Gallery. Moyer paints from life whenever possible. The beauty of Moyer’s paintings is expressed through the emphasis he places on light, color, mood and a sense of place. It is his pursuit of these elements in the plein air tradition of working on location that he feels fundamentally contributes to the success of his paintings. The paintings are at once matter-of-fact observations and yet they have the ability to transform the viewer into participating and experiencing these peaceful, perfect moments in nature. They are characterized by a virtuosity of color mixing and application that create a visceral vibration, depicting the patterns of dappling sunlight and cool shadows on the subject. His attention to the subtle nuance of color further depicts the atmosphere of the day, painting the air between the subject and the viewer, and giving the viewer an intimate experience of that place and time.