Israel Public Art. Celebrating Sculpture
Gallery 4 - 8
250 North Goodman St. #4-8
Jun 2, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Israel is a dynamic and turbulent place and its public art reflects that. These photographs of mostly sculpture are intended to both catalog and celebrate creativity of Israeli artists. There are historic monuments, as you would expect, and some public art is based on religious themes. Some sculptures memorialize tragic events and others remember heroes and accomplishments. Artists always choose the subject, material, size, and message, and, when possible, the style of presentation, title, and statement. Some artists are more concerned with exploring the material and aesthetics, and work to see or interpret the world creatively. Public art presents a mix of styles and intentions that challenge viewers to understand and appreciate the “message” and savor the response it generates. Also See:, the online project cataloging Israel’s public art with photographs by Richard Margolis.