Margot Fass: Things Which are Not Seen
Gallery Q
100 College Ave.
Feb 3, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Combining painting, photographs, paper, and fabric, Fass depicts that which is ancient, threatened and needs to be protected. Her subject matter includes the five thousand year old Hebrew alphabet and the ancient Grand Canyon. She also explores the holiness of ordinary lives through deeply personal and intimate portraits. The impermanence of some of her materials mirrors the fragility of her subject matter including both natural wonders as well as our own lives.
Fass has been working with mixed media since 2006. She says, “it seems that the most compassionate, loving, and humble thing to do in the face of finite lives is to love, play and preserve. Through overcoming the obstacles to doing these things, I hope to strengthen my faith and commitment to my family, community and world.”
Artist Talk : 7PM