Revisiting home: Sculpture by Roberley Bell
Colleen Buzzard Studio
250 N Goodman St. #401
Dec 6, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Revisiting home, twenty years on, is an exhibition of individual elements that made up large installations exhibited in Richmond, VA, Amherst, MA, and NYC in the 1990s. The individual pieces, a combination of discarded domestic vessels and carefully hand-modeled forms, are metaphorical statements that look at body as vessels. This exhibition seeks to find homes for these forgotten elements, discovered in crates as the artist packed to move from her home of 20 years in western NY to Massachusetts. Roberley Bell, a practicing artist, is the recipient of numerous national and international residencies and fellowships, as well as a professor in the College of Art and Design at RIT. This exhibition continues through December 14.