SISTERS Exhibit at Jm-ART Gallery
349 West Commercial St., Ste 2700
Oct 7, 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

I can’t imagine my life without my sister. I hope you have someone to laugh with, share good and bad times with and have some history with! The fact that she is my only blood sister makes her very special. But it does not make her my only sister! I hope you also have friends or other relatives that are like wonderful sisters to you. That is a great joy in life for women, friendships that endure. I hope men have such friendships but I cannot speak for them, as I am a woman. As a matter of fact, I’ve realized I so often paint women because I can only speak for myself and share my life in my artwork. Everything I paint except commissions of course, are my choices, my likes and loves, my need to explore the many sides of my personalities.

All of this leads me to this particular exhibit. SISTERS includes 3 guest artists, my only blood sister, Julie Brown from Scottsville; my dear new friend and student, Sheila McAuliff from Greece; and an artist/teacher friend that I’ve had for over 30 years, Lucretia West from Caton, someone I’ve looked up to and wanted to learn from. Since all of our artwork is very different, I found myself exploring the psychological aspects of these friendships which then led me to the exploration of my own personalities! If you’ve seen my work, you know I have many art styles and subject matter interests. I believe they all stem from the varied facets of my life, thoughts and feelings. The artwork shown here is a collage of the walls in my gallery, each one showing a different artist!

My work for this exhibit will contain 7 of “my very different women” to point to a few sides of my being. The other 60 plus pieces will be a variety of traditional landscapes, a reproduction or two, very original contemporary art (sort of Pointillism with corners!), mini paintings suitable for doll houses, and prints, as varied as my friends are!!

This fascinating, unusual, group exhibit will be on display until October 24th, you won’t want to miss it! For more hours and open days, please go to