The Holy Childhood School and Scott Grove
City Sense
127 East Ave.
May 5, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

City Sense is pleased to present The Holy Childhood School for our May First Friday featured artists! The Holy Childhood School began in 1946, with each subject taught at each student’s level, pace, and ability. The Holy Childhood School believes in the value of every person regardless of their abilities. They have wonderful programs including The School Program, The Adult Day Training Program, The Special Touch Bakery, Woodworking, Partners with Industry, Medicaid Service Coordination Program, Out and About Recreational Program, Transitional and Skills Training Group, and Helen H. Heller Health Center. We are honored to have The Holy Childhood School be a part of our First Friday and eager to see the collection! For more information you can visit their website at While you are at City Sense, check out our art and furniture for a quick spring transformation! Sometimes it just takes a couple pieces to pull a room together! Need more than just a quick fix? Check out our vendors, talk to our team about our current projects and how we can improve your home!

Scott Grove’s exhibition continues as well.