…the ‘stuff’ we don’t talk about
Gallery Q
100 College Ave.
Nov 3, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Gallery Q is showcasing the work of local artist and veteran Douglas Sergeant Jr. during the month of November. Describing his work as sometimes controversial, he says he likes to put in his art “the ‘stuff’ we don’t talk about.” Through art, he deals with emotions and past experiences. During a challenging childhood Sergeant escaped as often and for a long as he could to his school art room. There, he was encouraged by his mother, Debbie Sergeant, as well as his art teacher, Debbie Schmidt, who remains a great influence in his life. To escape what seemed an untenable situation he joined the U.S. Marine Corps to “see the world” and “become a man”. He was encouraged to do so by his mother Debbie Sergeant, who is also a veteran as is his father. Sergeant was deployed to Afghanistan. It was in the Marines and Afghanistan that instances of a traumatic nature occurred that have caused Sargent’s PTSD. Sergeant says he does not work in any one specific style and loves all schools of art. When pressed, he describes his work as “surreal realism.”