Coming soon to the MAG grounds, Jim Sanborn’s Argentum: Double Positive, a public work of art for the area in front of our 1913 building. Argentum: Double-Positive consists of placing two projection cylinders in front of the “1913”. These cylinders are perforated with a series of texts that will light up at night (with the aid of an internal point source light) and be projected widely onto the facade and surrounding landscape of MAG’s “1913” building. The texts will specifically highlight the creativity and invention that have been the core industry of the City of Rochester for decades. Consider a visit to MAG on MAGthurday. Admission is 1/2 price every Thursday after 5 pm—MAG is open until 9pm. There’s always something terrific happening, such as Art Social, MAG DeTOURS, or documentary alternative music films. Pick up something special in the Gallery Store. We have live music or a DJ and you can enjoy wine, beer, dinner and snacks for purchase at Brown Hound Downtown.