Gaderen’s Forest, by TeeJay
ROC City Cowork
302 North Goodman St., Suite 308
Feb 5, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Gaderen’s Forest is not a where. It exists both here and there. It contains the memories of the past and the promises of the future. It is in the slightly parted veil between what is and what is accepted.
This place is about seeing people for their true selves and for stolen glimpses of the places that slip in between the Days of Mundane. Magic you can feel and see with your heart when you allow.

TeeJay is a tattooer by day. She has owned and worked out of White Tiger Tattoo here in Rochester for over 20 years. Her personal work has been described as fantastical and time-loose: depicting creatures people and places that are at once familiar and surreal. TeeJay believes these things are around us everyday. She wishes to share them with you to help you better find them in your own life.

ROC City Cowork is a coworking space in Village Gate, on the 3rd floor above Salena’s . We are a workspace for “digital nomads” and other location-independent professionals.