Nartcan: On the Subject of Addiction
AXOM Gallery Exhibition Space
176 Anderson Ave., Suite #303
Dec 1, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This exhibition is a group show curated by Justin Chaize, a Registered Nurse and a Nurse Practitioner Candidate in the graduate program of the University of Rochester. Mr. Chaize has chosen to devote his career to as a specialist in caring for people suffering from and overcoming Addiction. The title, Nartcan is derived from the brand name of an antidotal over-the-counter drug called Narcan (Naloxone), which can be acquired by anyone to administrate to a person suffering opioid overdose, reversing the effect of opioids, and saving that person’s life. Justin Chaizeput out a call for art , and selected the works in this exhibit, which includes artists from NYC, Toronto and Boston/Cape Cod, and Rochester. The resulting exhibit is a compelling collection of works which humanize the otherwise abstract concept of drug addiction., as each piece delivers its own unique insight of how drug addiction and, addiction in general can effect one’s life.