Tree Portraits by jm-ART
349 West Commercial St., Ste 2700
Jul 1, 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Trees, why do I love trees? Well probably because I love all natural things and trees seem to be very important to our existence on this planet, as they produce the oxygen that we breathe. However that is perhaps not the reason an artist might love trees. I feel that trees are as individual as faces, portraits of people or trees will give you such variety and character! I know you have seen some funny trees; very sad looking trees and some that you can’t believe are still surviving! They all seem to fight for life just as every human does. They reach for what they need: sunshine, water, earth. Their branches may be heavy with leaves, flowers or fruit, but they all give us something, shade if nothing else! Poets write about them, photographers glory in them, animals and birds make their homes in and on them. I paint them all the time! I hope you will look closely at a tree soon. They need to be appreciated and cared for, just like people. And they are all unique and yet, essentially the same – just like people!!

This exhibition is on display from 07/01 to 08/27. For other hours check

My name is Jodie Marie Anne Richardson Traugott and I use all my initials as my gallery, business name and website.

I’m a part of the Central Creatives at the Piano Works Mall, East Rochester. Enter through the red door between the Weaving Arts Guild and Penn Fair Golf, towards the left of the mall. Then just follow the signs to the second floor; I am in the first suite on the right after you exit the stairs or elevator, #2700 which I share with Sylvia’s Art Spot. There’s plenty of free parking. Covid masks are still requested for all visitors. Thank you for your cooperation. For more information or directions please visit my website at