Join or Renew your First Friday Venue Membership
• Preferred venues are the vital core of First Friday Citywide Gallery Night.
• Preferred venues are encouraged to participate in most First Fridays per year, staying open for at least 3 hours, 6-9pm (5-9pm or 6-10pm, etc. is ok).
• Preferred venues have made a significant commitment to developing Rochester’s arts community and therefor receive greatest visibility on this website.
• Preferred venue participation is $100 per year.

Promote Your “This Month Only” Event at a Temporary Location
• This Month Only events must be open at least 3 hours on the First Friday of the month.
• This Month Only participation is $25 per event listing.

First Friday occasionally lands on or near a national or religious holiday. Some participating venues may decide not to open on these dates. In order to avoid future confusion, First Friday Citywide Gallery Night doesn’t shift to another day or week (i.e.. First Thursday or Second Friday).