Ancestral Personas, figurative paper forms by Sue Blumendale
AXOM Home & Gallery
661 South Ave.
Nov 7, 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Blumendale has become well known for her sculpture, formed with paper she made by hand through the process of combining raw materials. Her new work uses archival photo copy paper and manufactured handmade papers which are used for printing her digital images. The ‘pages’ are then hand sewn together resulting in recognizable articles of vintage clothing, while also being the vehicle for exploiting the paper’s intrinsic nature; its creases, shadows, rough edges and also its function as surface for documentation.
Ancestral Persona’s is inspired by the photographs of Blumendale’s European immigrant ancestors in their prime. The images of her ancestors transcend into a continuum of time from humble smallness into a universality embracing the magnitude of all our ancestors as we relate to the three dimensional garments crafted out of mankind’s most ancient and ordinary materials, paper, yet paper, as sculpture is considered a contemporary art form.