Built Environments: Forging Worlds through Video Art
Rochester Contemporary Art Center
137 East Ave.
Mar 1, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Opening in RoCo’s media room this First Friday is Built Environments: Forging Worlds through Video Art, curated by Miranda K. Metcalf and featuring work by elekhlekha, Tansy Xiao, and John McGarity.

The moving image, with its similitude to our day-to-day lived experience, is unique in its ability to imply the completeness of the world imagined by artists. Through coding, animation, and storytelling, the artists in this exhibition have built through-the-looking-glass worlds reflecting ours, but entirely their own. Video is the perfect medium for such parallels, as we are now flooded with moving pictures. It is how we learn, work, communicate, and entertain ourselves. We are primed for its immersive effects and the implied truth value inherent in seeing ergo believing. These artists construct entire universes within the confines of a screen holding within them powerful and important truths of our current world told through this complex and efficacious medium.

All artists in Built Environments are previous residents of the The Institute for Electronic Arts, a high technology research studio facility within the School of Art and Design, NYSCC, Alfred University, New York.

Image is a still from Successive Divisions John McGarity