Dream Destination by Jodie Traugott
349 West Commercial St., Ste 1020
Apr 7, 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

My dad spent time in Hawaii during the war and came home to tell his family that Hawaii was Paradise! From the time I was 3, I had heard that too many times to count. Well, for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, the siblings and I, with the help of a kind aunt and uncle, sent our parents to Hawaii. From that moment on, I believed that I had to go to Hawaii when I was married 50 years…that was a lot of wishing, I know. But, we made it to our 50th – however at the time, it was impossible to go. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed.

5 years later our daughter calls and says let’s all go to Hawaii! I still wanted to go to Honolulu and walk on Waikiki Beach, just like mom and dad did so many years ago. My dream was fulfilled and I get tears in my eyes just writing about it.

Come to see my acrylic paintings (up to 36×36 and 30×40 inches) of some of the 1000 or so pictures that I took while on Oahu for 9 days. I may show a few photographs too. Mahalo!

Exhibition dates: 4/7-6/17
Check jm-ART.com for other days and hours.