Tomorrows: Artists Address Our Uncertain Future
Rochester Contemporary Art Center
137 East Ave.
Oct 6, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us for the Opening Reception of Tomorrows: Artists Address Our Uncertain Future, an exhibition featuring a diverse range of artists and interactive media. Enjoy refreshments, meet some of the artists, and immerse yourself into the exhibition with the help of virtual reality.

Tomorrows brings together artists and collectives who are responding to the societal and ecological uncertainties that lie ahead. While navigating the intersection of art and technology, the artists also delve into AI and virtual reality, reflecting on the destabilizing potential of new technologies and the allure of immersive environs. As environmental concerns take the spotlight, artists grapple with impending climate catastrophe through various media and different degrees of pessimism and activism.

Tomorrows considers how today’s artists engage with our swiftly changing world to contemplate how and where we go from here. The exhibition features new artworks and installations by Eva Davidova, [phylum] (Carlos Castellanos, Johnny DiBlasi, Bello Bello), Jude Griebel, Eryk Salvaggio, and Sam Van Aken. Learn more about the artists here.