Toy Faces by Amrit Pal Singh
45 Euclid St.
Jun 2, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

We are extremely excited to announce our June 2nd, First Friday artist, Amrit Pal Singh and his unique visual art, Toy Faces & Toy Rooms.

Who is Amrit you ask?
“Amrit Pal Singh — a visual artist, 3D illustrator, and art director who revels in play, world cinema, and the occasional side of fries. My creative style is renowned for its whimsical 3D illustrations, diversity-driven designs, and NFTs. For over a decade, I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with clients worldwide, designing everything from mobile apps and picture books to card games and digital toys. I’m particularly proud of my collection of Toy Faces & Toy Rooms, a series of nostalgic artworks available as NFTs that evoke a sense of childlike wonder.

In February 2021, I minted my first NFT – Frida Toy Face – which sold for 3.9 ETH. Since then, I’ve created over 92 NFTs, with primary sales soaring above 377+ ETH.

Notable clients: Google, Snapchat, Netflix, Microsoft, Budweiser, Pinterest, Adobe, Gowalla, Ola, FedEx, BBDO, Step, Vercel, Asian Paints, DS Group.”

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Special thanks to Greenlight Networks for powering this and a very special surprise we’re excited to share real soon!